Landscape  Lighting

 Here at HIS we don’t sell lights. We sell the experience of light. Backed by a lifetime warranty our low voltage LED lighting system and design will give you a truly unforgettable experience. You  will be able to enjoy entertaining guests, enhance your property and light up your home for years to come.  Smartphone, Alexa, and Google Assistant Enabled, you name it– we can probably do it.

Our process consists of an initial consultation to find what your needs and expectations are. With that in mind we come up with a custom design for your property. We can offer simple solutions to WOW! And everything in between. From there we often set up a night time demonstration at your home with the actual products we will be installing to experience , augment, or change your landscape lighting design!

House Lighting

The  other part of landscaping lighting is curb appeal. Let us help your home SHINE! With proper lighting techniques, and using a variety of fixtures and professional design elements,  we can bathe your  home in a warm, inviting light that provides safety as well as beauty.

  • No Bulbs to Change – Since we use integrated LED fixtures, you no longer have to worry about bulbs going out.
  • Industries Best Warranties – We offer LED fixtures that come with a manufacturer’s 10 year, 20 year and/or lifetime warranty.
  • The Green Choice – In addition to the well-known fact of low energy consumption, LED lights also have the eco-friendly benefits of being mercury free with very little carbon dioxide output. They do not produce UV rays, and you have no annual waste from replacing bulbs.
  • Safety – Low voltage LEDs produce little outward heat compared to other light sources, which makes LED landscape lights extremely safe to use.
  • Versatility – Due to their small size, low maintenance, and high light output, LEDs can be used in many applications that conventional lighting sources cannot.